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[IP] Perinatal risk factors for Type I

>There is a study reported in Diabetes Care 
>(http://internalmedicine.medscape.com/13736.rhtml) about perinatal risk 
>factors for Type I diabetes before age 15, commenting on increased incidence 
>and speculating on increased environmental rather than genetic reasons.  
>strongest associations were for fetal exposure to rubella and enteroviruses, 
>and for blood group incompatibility. 

I found this very interesting. Josh was diagnosed with Type I just before his 
eighth birthday.  At my first prenatal visit of my pregnancy with him, the 
doctor sent me for testing where they found that my husband and I have a 
blood incompatibility (Duffy factor).  This was my sixth pregnancy and there 
were no problems with any of the others.  Amnios were done four times during 
my pregnancy to check on the bilirubin level and when Josh was born he had 
hyperbilirubinemia and thrombocytopenia.  No one has ever said anything about 
a possible connection to his developing Type I diabetes before.
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