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Re: [IP] ER, Sara's view! :)

Hey, Sara, thanks for the synopsis -- since I don't watch TV, I didn't
have a clue what they were talking about!  :)

email @ redacted wrote:
> and now this!  This Type 2 in children is a GROWING epidemic!!  They can 
> give it whatever fancy name they want, but it is STILL diabetes....a disease 
> that affects, what?? 90 million americans???  and it is NOT just a disease 
> that "old fat" people get!! 

Well, the number is more like 16 million, but that's still a significant
number. The medical establishment is finally discovering that either
Type of diabetes can strike at ANY age -- this is an important

Dream: the day when NO ONE of any age suffers from diabetic
complications, and that includes highs and lows!!!!  Maybe I'm just
dreaming of a cure for all!  :)
> WHAT A GREAT EPISOIDE THIS WOULD BE...considering it really did happen, AND
> in Chicago...maybe I oughta send it in...but only if I can play hte surly,
> demanding, control freak of a diabetic!

So you didn't tell the ending! Was it a perforated bowel?? 

Breathlessly waiting for the answer!
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