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Re: [IP] infusion sites


is there pain?  pus?

if so...you need to see doctor and get on antibiotics.  in the meantime,
get some polysporin, or other antibacterial salve/ointment and put it on
with a bandaid until a physician can check it out.   you may be able to keep
it from getting infected.  geneva always puts a bandaid / ointment on any
suspicious looking site ... just in case.

keep an eye on it.  also...put HEAT  (microwave some clean washcloths while
damp and keep applying them for a couple of hours)   on it ....that may help
clear it up also.

good luck,
>Now, I have a red patch about
> the size of a quarter to a half dollar around the insertion site.  It is
> redder in the line following the needle itself.  Does anyone have any idea
> what is going on

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