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[IP] Hmmm, maybe you guys took what I said wrong.


    Okay what I was TRYING to say about the ER episode is that NOW I can see
WHY people always feel that EVERY kind of Diabetes is because we ate too
much sugar and yada yada yada. I didn't think it was a horrible episode, but
it just reconfirmed WHY people, who are SOOO misinformed only hear HALF of
what they were saying on ER and then blame all of us Diabetics for being bad
people. Diabetes is a hard thing and I admire every kind. I also LOVE the
show ER, but I was shocked!

    I guess I was just relating it to my past. When I was diagnosed and
everyone brought their kids to the hospital and told them to look at me and
if they don't stop eating sugar they will end up like me!!! I was diagnosed
with Juvenile D in 1984 at CHRISTMAS TIME, UGH! So I guess that's why it hit
me the way it did.

    I loved the NEW episode that Sara is going to write. I think you should.
I am always hoping when they diagnosis someone on ER it is Diabetes, this
way I can see how they handle it. I actually diagnosed that kid as having D.
I guess I didn't think of MODY. I didn't realize it was such a big problem
with small kids. I am 26 and I have no kids, so I am not up-to-date on
children's health issues, sorry for my ignorance.

    Thanks for responding. I have learned a lot!!

    Also, I am still puzzled about why KIM (mean Kim) got so mad about that
letter?? I got a NASTY email from that KIM girl. She told me that she hopes
I die a horrible death from complications of Diabetes and that she hopes a
100 people fart around me and it gags me to death. I think she is YOUNG and
VERY insensitive and I am glad she is gone!


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