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[IP] Re: finding the right doc

Hi Anika,

Thanks for the suggestion.  I agree that
misc.health.diabetes is a good newsgroup. 

My problem, however, is I am insured through an HMO who
dictates that I can only use the doctors on their list. 
The most current information I have only lists about 5
endos in Salt Lake City -- and only one of them is really
close to my home (the one I currently see).  I may just
have to drive further to find a better one, I guess (I just
hate driving very far in the winter when the roads are
icy).   :^)

--- Anika Schon <email @ redacted> wrote:
> Hi Susan K (and anyone who isn't quite content with their
> doctor)
> Something you mght try is posting a request to the
> newsgroup
> misc.health.diabetes askinf for sggestions of a good endo
> in your area. It's
> a long-standing news group which unlike a list is open
> and public so it has
> many thousands more people reading and capable of posting
> a response or
> e-mailing you privately. I did this at the end of August
> Regards,
> Anika

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