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Re: [IP] pumping at school


I bought a carb counting book to leave at my daughter Stephanie's school (she is 8 and started pumping a week ago), just in case kids bring a birthday snack in, the carb count can be looked up.  Her emergency kit for school also includes step by step directions of how to change an infusion set (just in case...she changes her own sets, but this way someone could help make sure she doesn't miss any steps), the extra pump supplies (as you mentioned) including batteries, a cartridge of humalog, a regular syringe, glucose tabs, ketostix, a one page sheet on her insulin pump guidelines (i.e. when she checks blood sugar, carb ratios,etc.), and an extra BG meter with strips.

I'm curious on the remote (we also have a 508).  Our CDE recommended not using it right now, because you can only bolus in .5 increments.  Stephie's boluses are almost always with .1 increments.  Stephie does her own boluses (she usually asks me to check her math for safety) and I've been amazed at how quickly she has caught on to this!  The only time I get to "press the buttons" is when she is sleeping : )...we're still checking at midnight and 3am!

You're way ahead of me on the menu planning!  WOW!  I'm glad everything is going well for Mike! Congrats on your successful start!

Laurie, Stephie's mom (pumping one week)

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