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Re: [IP] MM & D* pumps

Hi Kevin,

Thanks for your encouraging report on the MM508.  That is
the pump that I hope to get.  

I attend several meetings a week where we are asked to
silence any cell phones, pagers, etc.  Although it might be
acceptable to the others if a medical device alarmed, I
would rather not feel it necessary to explain it in the
middle of a meeting (or have to jump up and run out of the
room to take care of it).  It would be nice to just reset
my pump to "vibrate" during those meetings.

BTW I got the same card and letter(s) from D, listing me as
a Disetronic pump user -- go figure!   :^)

--- Kevin <email @ redacted> wrote:
> Funny:  Back 2-3 years ago, when I was trying to get a
> pump, I had
> contacted D*.  Since then, they have sent me
> questionaires, and just
> yesterday, sent me a laminated card with my D* customer
> ID number,
> and D*'s phone numbers to call....  But I don't own one,
> and never
> have.  Somehow they *think* I am a D* pump customer :)
> I just wanted to say something good about my experiences
> with MM,
> to counter balance the overwhelming flood of bad
> comments.  
> Kevin

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