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[IP] finding the right doc

Hi Susan K (and anyone who isn't quite content with their doctor)

Something you mght try is posting a request to the newsgroup
misc.health.diabetes askinf for sggestions of a good endo in your area. It's
a long-standing news group which unlike a list is open and public so it has
many thousands more people reading and capable of posting a response or
e-mailing you privately. I did this at the end of August when I realized my
endo at the time not only lacked the knowledge base to move me forward, but
was too insecure or arrogant to admit it (so that we could productively
address  the knowledge gap.)  I posted to misc.health.diabetes that I was
looking for and endo in my city who has kept up with the latest developments
in diabetes and is knowledgeable and experienced with starting patients on
the insulin pump use. I got a reply and found my diabetes Dream Team. An
office of three doc's specializing in this and a CDE dietitian on staff and
50 pump starts under their belt. When the person gave me the suggestion I
checked out the doctoprs some, before calling. I went looking on the Web
sites for medical specialists (such as the American Association of
Diatebetes Educators -- , the American Diabetes Association, to see if these
practitioners would show up in ther membership. They did. :^) That allowed
me to trust that valuable peice of inforamtion bestowed on me by the
wonderful Chaos of Usene (the bulletin board section of the Internet, I tell
AOL users)
    You may post and get nothing, but then again ... this is one more tool
to use.
   For anyone who just wants to grab the sites I've mentioned for your
bookmark file without having to click to another page, those sites are
www.aace.com/   for the The American Association of Clinical
Endocrinologists, www.aadenet.org for the American Association of Diabetes
Educators and of course www.diabetes.org for the American Diabetes
Association. (check into the area listing recognized providers and


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