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Claudia wrote she was upset cuz
>  friends of the family accused my Mom of letting me eat too much 
> sugar and if I hadn't eaten so much sugar we wouldn't have gotten 
> this horrible diagnosis. My Mom was yelled at and a whole lot of 
> other crap! Well, after watching ER last night I realized 
>  > why this stuff happens, gesh!

and Brian wrote:
>  Actually ER was hitting on a subject of diabetes that is more RARE..  
>  is MODY diabetes  or Mature Onset Diabetes in the Young  (or something 

Well, in my personal opinion, I was PLEASED by the episode.  I applaud ER for 
its awarness.  First the girfriend of Dr. Benton developed gestational 
diabetes when she was pregnant with Reese...I was appalled by her inability 
to give her own injectins and how the doctor was forced to go over there and 
do them for her - it's not like they are rabies shots for gods sake, but 
still it was cool to see the situation addressed.

Then came the scary episode with Swoozie Kurtz as teh Tammy Faye Baker type  
who was using her illness to giver her evangelist/Jim Bakeresque husband 
something to pray about...It was disgusting, but the cute blonde doctor 
handled the situation well, and provided some good information, like what a 
good blood sugar is, what complications could happen...and so on.

Then the 3rd one was the little girl who was a runner or something and Dr. 
Benton helped her get, what he referred to as a continuous subcutaneous 
insulin infusion system or something like that...wouldn't it have been easier 
to say "pump" but whatever...he convinced the grand ma that it was the best 
thing for the girl blah blabh blah and emphasized how important it was to 
test even though it made her feel different.

Then there was the homeless type 2 guy who came in regularly to get his blood 
tested...he had a mouse living in his beard....we ARE all nuts aren't

and now this!  This Type 2 in children is a GROWING epidemic!!  They can give 
it whatever fancy name they want, but it is STILL diabetes....a disease that 
affects, what?? 90 million americans???  and it is NOT just a disease that 
"old fat" people get!!  I thought they presented it excellently...They showed 
a rather portly dad, who obviously did not set any kind of good example for 
his son.  The doctor emphasized how important it was that behaviour and diet 
modification could not be made without professional help, and rather than 
just say the kid could take glucophage and be fine, she said that IF he lost 
weight and IF he modified his diet and IF he got some exercise and lived a 
healthier chance, there was a chance they he wouldn't need medication at 
all...which is SUCH a misconception so many people have...oh i will just take 
my pill and i can eat whatever I want...I just have a "touch" of diabetes.  

So for the next episode...I propose a young woman who walks in with severe 
cramps...she is a dpump wearing diabetic and they can't figure out what is 
wrong with her..she is obviously in serious pain, the xray shows 
nothing...and throughout all this, she is adamant about not letting any one 
touch her pump, and even though she hurts, she tests her own blood 
sugar....at one point she is sitting in a wheel chair waiting for her next 
test adn she tests to find she is low.  She asks Dr. Dave for some juice and 
he is in a rush and says yeah yeah be right back....he never comes...cuz he 
such a putz.  So she gets up and walks to nurses station to get it herself.  
Then later on she collapses in serious pain, clutching her pump in one hand, 
so they rush her to surgery...they try and wrest her pump from her but she 
refuses.  they explain they need to do a laparotomy to see what is wrong, 
that her CT scan ws inconcluisive and she may have a ruptured bowel....so she 
changes her site....interns and doctors crowded around in fascination....and 
puts the site in her leg...she tests her bg - it is 165, so the anesthesia 
guy - no it will be Carter, leans in and says, hey show me how to work that 
thing while you are unconscious, so she gives him pump 101, as the anesthia 
mask is put over her face.....

WHAT A GREAT EPISOIDE THIS WOULD BE...considering it really did happen, AND 
in Chicago...maybe I oughta send it in...but only if I can play hte surly, 
demanding, control freak of a diabetic!

Sara, who has the scar to prove it
*-)=B xoxx~~~~~~~~~~[507]
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