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[IP] pumping at school

I have written a couple of times concerning my 7 yr old Mike going on the pump and the process of pumping at school.  We started on the pump on Wednesday afternoon and went to school on Thursday and Friday.   We are blessed with a wonderful teacher who has gone beyond my expectations in helping Mike (and keeping me sane!)  With our pump trainer, Tim Sullivan from Minimed, we decided the best way to go would be to have the teacher keep the remote control and put "On" the child block (both new features on the 508).  Tim said that when he learned of these features, he thought of us!  Mike's teacher is able to bolus using the remote control, but not have to deal with any other screens.  Using the remote is so easy!  I love the confirmation of bolus feature so she can double check that she entered what she really wanted to enter.   

Thursday morning, my husband took Mike to school and gave a quick review of the remote features.  With the wonders of cell phone, the teacher called me at morning snack and I talked her through using the remote to give the snack (Mike wanted one although he didn't have to have it).  I am a kindergarten teacher and was able to run over to Mike's school at lunch and supervise and cheerlead the lunch bolus.  We talked on the phone again that afternoon at the prepump snack time.  Friday, we followed a similar pattern.  I talked her through the am snack and went to school lunchtime and talked again at afternoon snack.  It seems to be working well.  

On Monday I am taking extra supplies to school for Mike along with the booklet we got called "A pumper in the House"  This gives the six essential things a caregiver needs to know about insulin pumping.  I think it will help answer some of the questions yet keep it simple for the staff.  We have a chart covering the menus for the month with the carb amounts to calculate boluses.  

Have I forgotten anything?  Does this sound like a sensible way to go?  Are there other things I should be doing for the staff at school?  We welcome your expertise and any advice you have to help us make this work.

Taking it day by day,
Sue Cahill, mom to SIXSONS
Mike, dx 1-97

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