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Hi Jessica, 
I was in the same boat as you. Had perfect control before I tried to 
reinitiate my exercise program. Been struggling for almost a month with 
charts that look like the Rocky Mountains. But things are smoothing out 
now. Finally! 

Your plan sounds great! I did a search of the Pumpers site to see what 
recommendations others had around disconnecting. I was amazed at the 
range of different approaches. Just reassured me to go with my 
instincts and test, test, test. 

I'm currently taking 1/4 of my usual supper bolus before exercise. 
Immediately before my workout, I take a .5 unit bolus for the insulin 
that I will be missing while disconnected. I try to ensure my bgs are 
between 8-10mmols (that's between 145-180 in US mgs) when beginning 
class and use Gatorade to keep them up during class. At the end of 
class(after about 1 1/2 hours, I need to bolus another 2 units when I 
reconnect. That keeps me from spiking high after class. Seems to be 
working but still need some more fine tuning as I actually went low in 
the middle of the night last night.... It's so challenging. But keep 
trying. You WILL find what works for you. Good luck. Marilyn 
email @ redacted

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