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[IP] Help!

Hi! I'm new to list and looking forward to info for pump use/tricks! : ) 

My son, Andrew is almost 5, weighs 42 lbs. and was  dx @ 14 mo. We've
been on the Disetronic pump for almost 2 months. We LOVE it! It has made
life so much easier....BUT....

Is it really possible to maintain #'s in the 100-200 range for a active
child this age. (We use the Glucometer Elite XL and his ave. is 172 for
the 100 tests but that includes several 40's and 300's.)

How long should it take to set the "correct" basal rates?

What about exercise? He plays soccer in the AM when he is still pretty
much insulin "resistent" and we've kind of worked that out. He has a game
Wed. @ 6pm. EEKK!!! He's insulin "sensitive" at that time! What thoughts
do you have???

It seems that most of you use the Sils/Tenders. We use the Rapid 6 and
are very happy. Am I missing out on something even better? We don't use
any numbing cream....we just pop it in and away he goes!

Sorry about all the questions but I also have a 15 mo. old ( no
diabetes!!!) that is napping as we speak, so I only have limited time
before I must "watch his every move"! : )

Thanks in advance! God Bless. Cari 
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