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[IP] MM & D* pumps

It seems as though there has been lots of negative postings about
the new MM508 pump.  I just thought I'd throw in my experience and
opinions - which have not been as extreme as others have posted.
I just wanted to express a balanced opinion regarding MM.  I'm
not trying to perpetuate a D* vs MM battle, etc, because I recognize
D* to be a good pump also.  So please, this is not being thrown
out there for a "urinating content" (reworded phase) :)

First, I have had three alarms go off on mine - ever.  But, per the book,
you are to clear out the alarm, and if it re-occurs, then call MM. I
have only had to call them once, even though I've had two that re-occurred.
I had an A57 (?memory), that happened once, and didn't reoccur after
being cleared (it turned out to be a software fault - probably due to 
static electricity during a bike ride).  I had an A37 (date & time error) 
BEFORE the daylight savings problem, which allowed me to recognize what 
the problem was on Oct 31, so I didn't bother calling them.   Otherwise, 
I have not had any problems.  MM wanted to swap my pump when I metioned to 
them about the A57 (I didn't call them about it - but mentioned it when I
was asking them other questions), so I did get a replacement.  So far,
I have not had any batteries go low or dead to date, since I started
the pump on Oct 19th (I have the RF device disabled, rarely use the
light, and use tone beeps instead of vibrate to save battery power).  
MM has been great in supporting me so far.  

When I was first trying to get a pump - several years ago, I was
leaning towards getting the D* pump.  In my opinion, it had better
options (a back lit display, better basal resolution, etc).
But, my endo only was familiar with the MM pump, and would not
prescribe others.  But, 2-3 years have passed since then, and
now the MM508 had all of the advantages the D* had (except maybe 
not being waterproof), so I had no arguement against my endo's decision 
this time.

Funny:  Back 2-3 years ago, when I was trying to get a pump, I had
contacted D*.  Since then, they have sent me questionaires, and just
yesterday, sent me a laminated card with my D* customer ID number,
and D*'s phone numbers to call....  But I don't own one, and never
have.  Somehow they *think* I am a D* pump customer :)

I just wanted to say something good about my experiences with MM,
to counter balance the overwhelming flood of bad comments.  


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