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[IP] Bess & other Lurkers


Thank you for an informative letter that may cause more than one person to
re-evaluate their tendency toward frequent colds & possibly discover that a
different means of treatment might be in order...you've potentially helped a
lot of people today.  Please don't be uneasy or expecting an attack for
posting.  I've been on here for a little over three months & seen only about
three or four major disagreements...if you consider the fact that there are
more than 1800 people here, I'd say that's a far better average as far as
tolerance/understanding goes than you'd find anywhere else given that number
of personalities!  We may not all agree on everything, but I believe we get
a lot of valuable information from listening to "the other side"- even if it
merely reinforces our own convictions.  And I'm trying to imagine what it is
like for those who embark on the Great Pump Adventure on their own, without
this kind of support...I think I'd have been climbing the walls with worries
& unanswered questions within a wekk of startup!

Didn't mean to be so long-winded (although anyone who's read any of my posts
will probably recognize that I don't seem to communicate any other way!)...I
just wanted to say I appreciate your coming out of Lurkdom to share your
experience, & I hope other lurkers out there realize that we on the more
longwinded/loudmouth track in life  :)  welcome their voices in the Pumping
Community Choir!


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