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Re: [IP] Recycling supplies-David

In a message dated 11/13/99 1:03:41 AM Eastern Standard Time, email @ redacted 

<< On 12 Nov 99, at 21:46, Jane B Reese wrote:
 > remember, I am from the "old" school which learned to sterilize them each
 > and every day by boiling them - and the stainless steel needles - each
 > time I used them.  
 You Mean! I was supposed to "boil them each and every day?"  ;>) 
 I think I used to do that once a month, about the same schedule I 
 now use for lancets.  In between "boils", I kept my syringe and 
 needle in a tall olive jar filled with cotton and alcohol. Remember, 
 always remove the olives so it's not confused as a cocktail. :>O
 > Never had an infection, and never a problem with sites.  I also use and
 > re-use my finger-pokers. Ooooops.......  I also clean my fingers each
 > "poke" with plenty of alcohol.
 A suggestion, Jane.  Stop the alcohol, it is reported to "toughen" 
 skin.  My docs just had me use soap and hot water.  The soap 
 was disinfectant enough for those kinds of punctures and the hot 
 water would bring the vessels closer to the surface, easier bleeding!
 (from another "old school") >>
Jane,Dave,George I am sure you remember the stones+ 18ga needles. I was 
always having trouble with finger sticks. I would put my hand in a bowl of 
warm not hot water. The heat makes the veins open up for better flow.           
                        Roger more "old school"
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