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[IP] First REAL test of my pump vs. MDI (success!!!!)

Hi everyone, just figured I'd post this, as I have finally had one of those 
"thank god for my pump" experiences . . .I mean, sure, the first two months 
were nice and convenient and everything like that, but there hadn't been a 
time when it would have been torture to take shots . . .but the other day I 
did an overnight with a host student at Williams college and I LOVE this 
pump!!!  First, we got stuck in the rain/traffic/got a late start/ so we 
were an hour and a half late for dinner.  Tested at 80, set temp basal of .2 
(down from .4) and two hours later when we FINALLY ate dinner I was 79!!!!!! 
  Then of course I got to participate fully in college life . . .staying up 
until 2am, wacky eating schedules, coed bathrooms (that's another story :), 
long classes, (a professor even bought me breakfast, which thanks to my 
pump, I ate without a problem at 10:00 am!)  Speaking of breakfast -- a 
bagel/cream cheese and steamed milk . . .and 2 hours later, perfect numbers! 
(dual waves are nice!)  Perfect numbers after lunch and dinner too, and best 
of all people were fascinated with my blue, backlit, musical pancreas!  
Anyway, I keep thinking how much better a time I had than if I'd been on 
shots . . .I feel so lucky to have a pump.  OK, down off my soapbox now! 

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