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Thanks Mag,

I had wonderful readings today except for a 55 an hour before dinner (but I
actually felt it this time). I am emailing the doc my readings tomorrow
morning and I assume she will make the first adjustments then and maybe
things will smooth out even more. My weight loss is slow but steady which is
the same way I put the weight on so maybe it'll stay off this time. My
insulin dose is greatly reduced on the pump and will probably be reduced
some more since the hypo happened and that should make it even easier to
lose weight (sure hope so). I was amazed at something that happened after
the hypo. When I got the 55 reading I ate 32 grams of carbs. 45 minutes
later I was at 152. I DID NOT bolus. 30 minutes later I was at 118. On MDI
if I had not tried to correct the 152 I would have stayed high for hours.
This pump is an amazing machine.


> I'm happy for you David, keep up the good work, pumping and
> weight loss!
> Mag

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