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Re: [IP] Recycling supplies-David

Hi David -

I remember when I was leaving for Japan in 1991, and [I think it was the
Diabetes Forecast] which just prior to my leaving - said it was OK to re-use
an insulin syringe - for twice, maybe - and my diabetes Doc never mentioned
it to me.  So, becuase I didn't know if insulin syringes would be available
in japan - silly me - I packed enough to re-use and took enough with me to
last for the 3 years I expected to be there.  I was there for 4 years, and
used each insulin syringe for several days.  But - remember, I am from the
"old" school which learned to sterilize them each and every day by boiling
them - and the stainless steel needles - each time I used them.  Every
night, I remember hearing the comforting sound of the glass syringe and the
stainless steel needle rattling around in my little saucepan each evening
while they boiled.  So, for me, I have used and re-used those disposable
syringes for a couple days each, since 1991.  Never had an infection, and
never a problem with sites.  I also use and re-use my finger-pokers.
Ooooops.......  I also clean my fingers each "poke" with plenty of alcohol.

Don't know if this helps you, and by the way, I don't advocate this for
anybody!  Becuase I stick my fingers plenty of times each day, I try to make
my supplies last.  But, guess what - when I got home from Japan, I still had
enough syringes to use and re-use until this year, when I started on the
pump, and I gave plenty of new syringes away to a freind whose diabetic
sister's on welfare and unable to get syringes cheaply, when I started on
the  pump.  I DO change finger pokers more often now, and glad to do it!

Don't advocate this practise unless you're in serious need, but it worked
for me from 1991 to 1999 with no problems.


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