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Re: [IP] Gesh! ........Hi Jamie!

>     I was diagnosed with Type 1 in 1984 when I was 11. Well, up to that 
> point I was NEVER a sweets person. I was NOT overweight by any means and 
> I was a carrot and celery lover. So when I was diagnosed, family and 
> friends of the family accused my Mom of letting me eat too much sugar and 
> if I hadn't eaten so much sugar we wouldn't have gotten this horrible 
> diagnosis. My Mom was yelled at and a whole lot of other crap! Did any of 
> you have this experience? Well, after watching ER last night I realized 
> why this stuff happens, gesh!
>Take Care,

Hi Claudia..

Actually ER was hitting on a subject of diabetes that is more RARE..  which 
is MODY diabetes  or Mature Onset Diabetes in the Young  (or something 
close to that).

but it still made me mad...

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