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Re: [IP] Problems with 508

Wowzer!!!  I have to say... I'm doing great with my 508 pump and so are the 
4 other people I know that have them.  That sounds really weird... all those 
problems you're having!!!

Have read alot of people knocking the 508, but, have to say... it's worked 
great for me... other than the daylight savings time, which they sent me a 
free packet of batteries and will let us know exactly what to do for when it 
occurs next spring.

Hope your luck gets better :-)


>Has anyone else had problems with the 508.  Here goes,
>1.pump arrived 10/21 within 10 hours it failed.  The LCD screen went
>blank.  No time, nothing.  The unit was working, I could audio bolus and
>turn on the backlight but no info. on the screen.  Minimed suggests
>sending a new pump, I accept.
>2. The lovely a37 alarm on Oct 31st plus and e03 alarm and and e01 alarm
>all due to the daylight savings problem.
>3.  My remote will not work.  I press on the buttons and nothing.  The
>remote has a green light that comes on when a button is pressed and the
>indicates that the remote is working.  Mine no light.  Changed
>batteries.  Great it works.  The next day go to use the remote doesn't
>work the two minutes later it works then again later that day it doesn't
>work.  The remote must have some sort of short in the battery casing.
>Minimed suggest sending a new remote, I accept.
>4. Pump #2, goes from a fully functional pump to a pump that says no
>power in 1 second flat.  No lower battery warning at all.  I was driving
>at the moment and I thought if this was to happen I would have a 10%
>battery life left so I could at least go the rest of the afternoon and
>then change out my batteries.  Nope, no warning just a no power alarm
>and no more working pump.
>     I change the batteries and pump is up and running again.  Oops pump
>batteries go in less than 48 hours. Call Minimed and they say there is a
>definite problem.  Minimed suggest a new pump, I accept with great
>This is my experience with the great 508.  I paid $750 to upgrade to the
>508 from the 507c.  Why did I do this.  And this pump still has a defect
>with the Daylight Savings Time change problem.  I will have to deal with
>the a37 alarm again in April.  A minor inconvenience yes, but still
>another inconvenience.
>Anybody else having this much fun.  I will admit Minimed has been great
>in addressing the issues and getting me new product. But why am I having
>these problems and how long do I have to put up with it.  This product
>should of never been put into the end users hands yet!!, I hate being a
>guinea pig.
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