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[IP] amy - whatever you had must be catching ;)

I am following amy's (redheadtwin) stomach back ache scenario to the T.  I
was tested today for a UTI - negative, as well as my white counts - all

I have been yo-yoing for three days now... Last night I finally fell asleep
at 6 am (alarm was originally set for 6:30!) because I was in so much pain
that I couldn't sleep.  My stomach hurts dull ache, more left side than
right, up high - by the rib cage.  My back hurts in about the same
place/height.  My stomach and the yo-yos started about the same time, but
the stomach probably came slightly first... they think its just a viral
stomach bug.  yeech.  It's weird - I've never had stomachaches from highs
before.  I have been over 300 almost all day... new set, new vial, new
everything.  I am pretty sure it's not a pump thing because I DID remain
stable all last night through that horrific pain (160 bedtime, 162 wakeup) -
it's just like my body is expecting 8X the usual bolus for food....
Needless to say, I feel awful :|

So amy, keep me posted - I have a grand fear of this not "disappearing" in a
few days like it should....


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