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Re: [IP] exercise....

Hi Linda -

My favorite exercise is walking (lots!).  I have been afraid to try my MOST
favorite -
backpacking - since being on the pump.  When I go walk in a nearby park (3.5
I put the pump on suspend, and afterwards, my bg is perfect!  Obviously I
can't put
it on suspend for several days at once - ideas?  By the way, on MDI, in
order to walk,
I have a special glass, about 6 oz, and I had to drink 1/2 glass of regular
Coke to
avoid hypoglycemia.  Really!  Same with cutting the grass - 1/2 glass of
Coke in the same
glass, and the last time I cut the grass, it still went low, even with the
pump on suspend.
When I felt "funny" and tested, I was shocked to discover it was 34!  I put
the lawn mower
away, and finished the rest of the grass the next day.

You know what the GOOD thing is about this pump?  Now - I FEEL it!  Too
amazing!  I
don't think I could cut the bolus by 1/2, because I'm sure I'd have
hypoglycemia!  Too
nerve-wracking to go out in the woods right now.  Would love to hear any


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