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[IP] control, flu shot

Hi all- 
 Had endo appt yesterday, do not want to get into
that. I have decided that IIIII am going to get in
control. I am still on humalog, and am going to do a
bunch of careful basal testing this weekend and next
week and to cut out the sweets, and no snacks. Just
like when I first got the pump. I'm going to prove I
can be "great" at this. I don't know hwhat my a1c will
be, but I was 450 in the endos' office as my set
wasn't working (LAST set  I put in my back, they
alwaysstop working!). Anyhow, I am going to get in
control. Today I had my milk and cheerios for
breakfast and salad and crackers for lunch. Over 200
for most of the day, but i had a flu shot yesterday
and my period is here..which i hope is why i'm high
now. So If I can beat these set probs and figure out
this time of the month, it will be a start, but just
getting my basals for 3 weeks worht under control will
be a great step..think I will reread Pumping Insulin.
Anyhow, just watch, I will get this under control
sometime soon!
 Amy, determined "not" to fail with the pump.
(ps. that rude post, my goodness! Tomorrow is a
leadership conference, my job, to represent the young
population. They want more teens and such involved, so
I think tomorrow will be a good day.) however i
haven't seen much locally for November as Diabetes

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