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Re: [IP] pump approval

At 12:33 PM 11/12/1999 , you wrote:
>I'm so excited to get the pump however, i am so not excited to have it
>sitting in my doctors office.  i asked if there were any papers i could
>sign that would take away any liability they had, so if i did hook myself
>up (which i would not) then they wouldn't be liable, but they refused. i
>guess recently they had someone hook themself up and they ended up in the
>hospital. so, their stupidity makes me have to wait. oh well... i guess i
>should just be happy i have one in the first place. now to just find a name
>for it...

Tell them they can Keep the Supplies (including the Batteries) so you can 
"fiddle" with it..  if you don't have the sets what good would the pump 
be  ha ha ha..

I guess some Drs are more hmm  should i say ANAL about being "in control" 
about things they can't control..


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