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[IP] pump approval

I'm so excited to get the pump however, i am so not excited to have it
sitting in my doctors office.  i asked if there were any papers i could
sign that would take away any liability they had, so if i did hook myself
up (which i would not) then they wouldn't be liable, but they refused. i
guess recently they had someone hook themself up and they ended up in the
hospital. so, their stupidity makes me have to wait. oh well... i guess i
should just be happy i have one in the first place. now to just find a name
for it...


>Congratulations!!!!!!!  You'll love your new green 508......Matt's "Huey" is 
>also a 508, and green!  Sorry to hear it'll be going to the doc's though.
>did find the time with the pump, very useful.  Pushing all the buttons, 
>watching the video, etc.  Maybe you can request from your doc it be sent to 
>your home with your promise not to hook yourself up?  Worth a try!

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