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[IP] Diabetes Awareness Month et al

I know that the original 'Kim' who posted the very nasty reply to the excellent letter to the editor by the 13 year old diabetic will not see this, since she has been booted from the list.  However, I did want to point out that she missed one type.  Secondary diabetes, which is what my son suffers with.  Mark is 4 and takes insulin shots every day because he had his pancreas removed when he was 2 months old.  His insulin requirements are not huge, just constant.

I really wanted to commend the original writer, his letter to the editor was great!  Much better than I probably could have done!

As I read the un-called-for response from Kim, I was wondering just what she has been doing for Diabetes Awareness Month.  Personally, I have tried to make it as obvious as possible without bombarding people.  My white board at work has a big message written up about it.  And I have been wearing my diabetes pin or my bright red "Find a CURE for diabetes - NOW!" button every day.  

Personally, I believe that all types of diabetes are terrible, regardless of how you were inducted to the club.  We all struggle with the same fears of complications and have to deal with people who are clueless about our condition.  Please pardon me for referring to it as "Our" condition, you see I feel that it is "My" condition also.  Although I do not have diabetes, I must deal with all of the ups and downs through my son.

I do have some good news, though.  I posted to the list last week asking for help with convincing our doc to let us try the pump.  We had our quarterly meeting this Wednesday and after looking at our numbers and talking about our concerns about Mark's hypo unawareness and his waking up with numbers in the 40's, I told her that we wanted to try the pump instead of monkeying with the insulin dosage anymore.  She just looked at me and said "OK.  Why didn't you say that in the first place?"  I could not believe my ears!  I was so happy and still flabbergasted by her comment about not saying anything before!  I said, "I have asked to try the pump every time we have seen you before, and you have always said NO."  Well, Mark will be the youngest she has hooked up so far.

So, we have an order in for the disetronic and we plan to be pumping by Christmas, oh happy day!!!

I want to thank the people who responded to me with their words of encouragement and support.  You people are the best.  See, I told you there were good folks out there on the internet, and they are not all kooks (just some of them) and you CAN believe SOME of what you read on the internet (at least you can believe what you read on IP)!

What a beautiful week, we got approved for the pump and my beloved Tarheels whipped up on our hated rivals, NC State, last night.  

Well, I guess it's time to dust off those old videos from the pump folks and that old copy of Pumping Insulin.  Looks like I need to re-visit those materials in the next couple of weeks.

Thanks again to everyone, and I'm sure I'll have a lot of questions as we get started Pumping!

Beth Mullen
Mom to Mark, 4 years old, dx at 2 months old after pancreatectomy to correct PHHI - soon to be pumping!

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