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Re: [IP] cutting H in half on MDI/exercise

> didn't you only use the humalog to cover your meals while on MDI?
> or to correct a high?

both, actually...  but since dancing is usually at 8, i usually eat dinner
before i go, and found that if i cut my dinner humulog in half i didn't go
low during the dancing...

> the NPH on board was keeping you stable for rest of day...and your exercise
> (sex or whatever)  was what you would snack for.

stable???  you call that* stable???!!!!  i laugh!!!!!  i was trying not to
need to stuff my face the whole time i was dancing... my endo suggested
that cutting my dinner dose in half would be an appropriate solution (and
she was right....)  sometimes i would drink a glass of milk before/during
sex, but i never had the problems that i'm having now with being
repeatedly low....  i'm wondering if there isn't something hormonal
involved...  (since all those women were talking about how their cycles
affect their insulin needs...)

> right?


Jessica Elena Marder
email @ redacted

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