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[IP] Re:Humalog and heat? Reusing Cartridges

Are those of you that are reusing the cartridge, syringe, reservoir cleaning
them before you re use them?

I was reusing mine but was having problems and it was a pain to get the
cartridge filled back up so I gave up.  I just recently went to some training
and learned that the reason for some of my problems could be because the reason
we shouldn't re-use them is because they have a lubricant in the cartridge
itself that keeps the plunger moving up the cartridge smoothly. If we re-use
them this lubricant will deplete and the plunger could eventually get stuck.


> This is interesting.  I was NEVER told NOT to reuse a syringe until
> they came out with the disposable ones.  So is it really a medical
> necessity or just another marketing ploy?      I reuse my glass
> resevoirs. Pumping Humalog for 14 months and just started on my
> second box of 25.   (avg. 2.4 weeks a resevoir, and its 81 deg. in
> Dallas today, no problem)
> George Lovelace
> On 11 Nov 99, at 15:14, David L. Dougherty wrote:
> > This post gives me the chance to ask something I've wondered about. I was
> > told NEVER to reuse a syringe/reservoir. I was also told never to reuse a
> > lancet, or an insulin syringe but I've done it for years with no ill
> > effect. Is it in fact possible to reuse a reservoir? I have a Disetronic
> > pump and use glass reservoirs. It seems a waste to throw them away after
> > one use.
> >

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