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[IP] exercise....

so, i love folk dancing....  however, as my bg's were all over the place,
and i felt awful before i got Max here, i had not been dancing...  then i
got Max, and was doing all kinds of basal tests and stuff, and didn't want
to confuse the issue....  so now i'm going back to dancing...  usually
done in three hour long sessions.... there are breaks from time to time,
as i don't know all the dances, and sometimes i get tired....  so this is
my current plan...  for those of you with more experience, let me know if
this sounds sensible:

eat dinner before dancing and bolus for only 1/2 of the carbs... (this is
what i was doing on MDI and it worked well...)
an hour before dancing starts drop basals to 60% of normal for the

after dancing go out with friends for food... (usually ice cream  ;-)  and
bolus for some percentage of the carbs...  (help?)  and set my basals back
to normal... 

and of course test, test, test....



Jessica Elena Marder
email @ redacted

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