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[IP] Insulin Storage

email @ redacted wrote:
> A normal
> pancreas makes insulin as it is needed, and once secreted from the beta
> cells, it only lasts maybe 1/2 an hour in the body, before it is used and
> inactivated.   There is no storage of insulin in a normal pancreas.

Well, actually,  there IS insulin storage in the pancreas. The insulin
is manufactured and stored in granules; when stimulated by glucose, the
beta cell "throws" the granule out. I can't give you the specifics, but
there is a specific chemical reaction that has been documented. 

Even so, I don't think the insulin is stored for very long; I surmise
that when there are enough granules present in the beta cells,
manufacture slows down, and when there are few, it speeds up. 

The scientifically inclined among us might be interested in finding out
more about this -- I'm just repeating stuff I read elsewhere!
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