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Re: [IP] Diabetes awareness month

denise poole wrote:
> we have to deal with bickering
> over which type is worse and other nonsense of this sort! 

I don't think it's really bickering over which type is worse -- it's
that each type has its own unique and DIFFICULT problems, and often
people who are dealing with one type are VERY ignorant and insensitive
to those dealing with the other. (Not to speak of the general public,
which is ignorant and insensitive to both!!!!)

I read BOTH letters as a plea for understanding -- and I can see where
the responder's feelings came from, as well as understanding Steven's
feelings. The tone of the response may have left something to be
desired, but the feelings were genuine.

And I truly don't want to see either one feeling hurt or ignored. 

So why don't we offer some compassion to BOTH writers, and ALL people
suffering from diabetes! 

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