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[IP] "POST" etiquette (not Emily that is)

Dear IPers:
    In light of today's offensive post, thought it would be worthwhile to 
post a few reminders about "post" etiquette:
    a) Not only should we all remember YMMV(your mileage may vary) regarding 
the "mechanics" of life with diabetes, but it's equally pertinent to remember 
that YVMY (your views may vary) with regard to the vagaries of LIFE, with or 
without diabetes
     b) that said, if someone posts something that is personally disturbing- 
either e-mail that person separately & explain your views, or e-mail the 
group with a request that future posts consider differences in religious, 
political, lifestyle views, etc...
     c) accept that with over 1800 "members", it's inevitable that someone at 
sometime will post something you disagree with...easiest recourse is simply 
to delete that message & any others that reply to it in the subject line
     d) I'm sure the "lighten up" advice was not intended to be patronizing 
to anyone who may have been offended by earlier posts....in truth, I have 
learned that I should have "laughed off" LOTS of "small stuff" that I 
foolishly "sweated" in years gone by.....when I do so now, my whole family 
     e) if you choose to leave this site because you feel attacked, insulted, 
offended or whatever - you leave behind not only that singular incident, but 
also a treasure trove of priceless advice, support, caring, sharing, 
reaching, teaching from the "foot soldiers" who know better than ANY doctor 
what it means to try to master the "art of living well with diabetes 
24/7"...if Michael had a dollar for everyone who's ever posted praising the 
existence of this website, then he wouldn't have to be requesting donations 
to sustain it..(.hint, hint to all you grateful IPers who haven't yet done so)
     f) lastly, my dear cyberpal Ellen forwarded a wonderful post about a 
courageous woman, who forges ahead in the face of apparently insurmountable 
medical problems.....I paraphrase from that article in concluding with this 
thought: Life is a JOURNEY amd it's meant to be LIVED IN COLOR...so focus 
less on the "black & white", "either or", aspects of a topic & open yourself 
up to the beauty of all those "living colors".....

Regards, Renee ( pump-mom to almost 17 yr old Melissa)
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