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Re: [IP] Hot insulin

Jeff, the important variable is not just the temperature, but a
time-temparature product.  It's kind of like milk--you can leave it out of
the fridge longer in the winter than the summer before it spoils.   A
bottle of insulin will stay fine for a year at 40 degrees, maybe a month at
80 degrees, and maybe only a few days at 100 degrees.  Even long acting
injected insulin retains its potency until it is all absorbed.  A normal
pancreas makes insulin as it is needed, and once secreted from the beta
cells, it only lasts maybe 1/2 an hour in the body, before it is used and
inactivated.   There is no storage of insulin in a normal pancreas.

<So...my body temperature is 98.6 F. Insulin has to be able to survive at
<that temperature, right? Normal pancreases operate at that temperature,
<right? So how come our bottled stuff has problems? If it can't handle that
<temperature outside the body, how does it stay active once injected?
<Jeffrey Weiss

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