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[IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest

Hi, Leanna!

I know your exact frustration in trying to lose weight when you are sub=
to a busy schedule and have limited time to eat.  Hopefully, these are =
tips that might help you out.  A person's metabolism is at its highest =
the morning, and this "high" is significantly more active than in the p=
In fact, metabolism at night tends to be very, very slow.  I bet you co=
see some results if you start off by simply "re-adjusting" the time at
which you eat.   Try really hard to start eating breakfast.  This could=

probably be your biggest meal of the day, with some low fat, complex ca=
for energy and fruit.  Think of the eating schedule as an "upside down"=

pyramid, where you eat the most in the am and less at pm.  Also, eat yo=
complex carbs in the morning and try to eat veggies and proteins in the=

afternoon (after two or three pm) and at night.  THis is because carbs =
a more "base" environment to be digested in your stomach, while protein=
need a more acidic environment.  If your metabolism is already higher i=
the am, carbs won't slow it down as much.  When the metabolism tends to=

slow down later in the day, proteins will increase the acid level in th=
stomach, and naturally increase the metabolic rate, bringing it back up=
burn more.   Try to eat five times a day, even if it's a sweet potato o=
banana as a snack.
My boyfriend is a Type 1 and we are starting to do research and get him=
the pump ASAP.  In the interim, he is "prisoner" to the nighttime snack=
etc..  Having to do this, he has found it very hard to keep weight off,=
the snacks sit in his stomach in the pm, (and the snacks tend to be car=
so his sugar level doesn't drop at night).  He's pretty psyched for whe=
n he
doesn't have to have snacks anymore!  :o)

As I am sure that you know, watch the fat content, too.  By simply cutt=
down the amount of fat, you are cutting calories (fat contains 9 calori=
per gram, while proteins and carbs have about 4 calories per gram).

Hope this helps!  Good luck!!

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