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Re: [IP] Skiing 'n Pumping

Hi Sunny,

Just have your son keep anything with insulin in it (i.e.
pump, emergency syringe(s), etc.) under as many layers of
clothing as possible -- insulin could freeze otherwise. 
The extra clothing will also help pad the pump and keep it
from any harm.  I am very familiar with the Park City area
and it usually gets pretty cold up there that time of year
(I live in Salt Lake City which is about 20-30 minutes from

Just pray that we have snow there to ski on -- so far this
year it has been too warm to even make man-made snow.  We
are facing the cancellation of the World Cup ski races at
Park City, for the first time in many years, due to that

If you want to know more about the area and conditions,
feel free to write me.

Tell your son to have lots and lots of fun!

Park City is a great place to ski!

--- email @ redacted wrote:
> My 12 year old son will be in Park City, Utah over
> Christmas, skiing with his 
> aunt, uncle, and cousin (none of whom are familiar with
> pumping).  We are 
> from Washington, D.C.  Can anyone give me advice on how
> to handle pumpin 'n 
> skiin?  Like - should he disconnect from the pump to
> avoid destroying it or 
> going low (he's a beginner skiier)?  Should he lower his
> basals and by how 
> much to account for his level of activity? What
> precautions should he take to 
> protect the insulin from the cold? Will there be anything
> to watch for with 
> the higher elevation?  Or anything his paranoid mother
> hasn't thought of yet 
> but surely will with a month left in which to obsess? 
> :-)  Thanks to all.  
> You're an awesome group!

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