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Re: [IP] Shane's basal concerns (longish)

Laura Arns wrote:

> absence of food and bolus insulin, but what does "steady" really mean?

I define steady as keeping my bgs close to my 100-130 target.

> "steady"? The CDE didn't seem concerned and said she would like to leave
> him at the same levels another day and have him eat supper and see what
> happens, because "he will usually be eating supper".  
> reason we went on the pump is that we would like to be able to skip
> supper

That doesn't make sense.  Only if basal rates are set correctly when not
eating do I have the true freedom to eat (or not eat) when I want.  I
wasn't hungry on Monday and it was so nice to just not eat.  Even after
14 months of pumping, I still appreciate the freedom the pump gives me.

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