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Re: [IP] Humalog and heat?


I just experienced my first summer on the pump in Phoenix and did not have any
problems.  I was scared to death from everything I read but survived.

> I live in Phoenix (today's high: 88) and pump

Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, that's cold for me.  <VBG>  I love the summer's here.  Yes I
am physcotic.  Anyway, so I spend a lot of time outside with my pump.  I ended
up filling my glass cartridge half way and now I am back to the full cartridge,
since it's so cold.  :-)  I only had to change my site every 3, 4 and sometime 5
days.  When I was out in the direct sun I would put the pump in a pouch with an
ice pack.  If I was at the pool I would keep a cup of ice and just stick my pump
in there when I wasn't swimming.  When we went on Motorcycle trips I put the
pump in the pouch again that slipped into a pocket ( big one ).  I was very
grateful that I had a very easy summer for I was very scared that I would have
problems but did not.  I also never have my pump exposed to the sun.  I always
put it in a pocket or bra.  Only mention that in case you wear yours as a
pager.  Bottom line, my blood sugars remained good as did a1c's.

> .To make a long story short, what seems to work well for me is to change my
> site every 4 days, but to ONLY fill the reservoir with 2 days worth of
> insulin.  Then, after 2 days, I refill the reservoir (and reprime the
> tubing) with another 2 days worth.  This secondary fill (without changing
> the site) seems to work just fine, even though the site hasn't been changed.

I find this so interesting, since even in the summers I changed my reservoir
every 3-5 days and now every 7 -10 days.  Do you use a plastic or glass
cartridge?  I had been told to use the glass especially in the summers here but
I use it all the time.  I wonder if this could have something to do with it.

I hope some of this helps.  If not or if you have more questions, please feel
free to email me off-line, email @ redacted

Fran, freezing in AZ  :-) :-)

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