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Re: [IP] diabetes awareness month

To the "young diabetic" who wrote this nasty response to a letter written by 
a THIRTEEN YEAR OLD BOY...Diabetes, no matter what type, is a disease which 
many people do not understand.  I have had numerous people say to me, upon 
finding out I am on the insulin pump, "Oh wow, you must have it really bad, 
huh?"  If you read this boy's letter over again, you will see that he is not 
saying one type is "worse" than another, nor is he saying that one type 
deserves more attention.  He is merely stating that he has type 1 diabetes 
and is on an insulin pump.  He is also stating the MISCONCEPTIONS thought by 
other people who are ignorant or miseducated-he is NOT stating his OWN 
opinions.  The fact that you would have a response so utterly mean and nasty 
to a letter such as this, written by a child, sickens me.  PLEASE, read this 
letter again, remembering to remember who it is written by, and paying 
attention to EXACTLY what it says, before you post a response as nasty as the 
one you posted.  
Sincerely, Kelly (a Type 1 diabetic-who believes that ALL types are equally 
important, as far as finding a cure is concerned)
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