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Subject: [IP] forgot meter

Sara, loved your story.  Makes me feel less silly.... Last March, Jenna and
headed off to Florida for a gymnastics meet with her team.  I took a lot of
supplies, but....  We headed off in a rental car for Universal Studios (and
since it was a rental, we didn't have our usual stash of supplies under the
seat).  As we pulled into Universal, I told Jenna to check her sugar, and
she had exactly one strip with her.  She had a cold, her sugar was high from
stress and illness, and we're going to walk around Universal all day without
being able to check a sugar - I think not!  There was a K-mart nearby, but
they didn't have her FastTake test strips.  So, Mr. Visa bought us a new
Glucometer Elite.  We used it that day, but I didn't like it as well as our
Fast Take, and once we got back to our hotel, of course, we didn't have any
strips for the Glucometer.  So, I cooly took it back to K-mart once we got
home - told them (somewhat honestly) that I didn't like its features.  Now,
I make sure I always have a backup bottle of strips in my purse, even if
Jenna is well prepared 99% of the time.


<<regarding forgetting meter and strips....

I did a good one when i went to france and scotland for 2 weeks a few years
ago..I brought my profile and what i THOUGHT were enough strips, plus my
exact tech with a few days worth of strips as back up.  anyway...we had a
grand old time for the first week, and we were
both testing fools....eating fools made us so...so after the first week,
i pull out my
suplies to pack up and I have like 1 days left of profile
strips, and those few days of the exact tech strips.!

Fortunately for me, Gerri had over packed supplies and had tons of strips
the exact tech which she loaned me.  I
went to a pharmacy and they had 2 different meters, NOT profile or exact
tech, but it made me more comfortable to know
that even if i hadn't had gerri with me, i would have been fine - that is
i always take mr. visa...he can buy me a new meter and the strips to use in
it if i need it...


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