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Re: [IP] Dreading Quarterly Endo Visit-to Andrea


My endo visit is Monday at noon.  I am dreading it.  Have had diabetes for 
over thirty years and just six months ago started Vasotec because of starting 
to show protein in my urine.  Right now I feel like no matter how much I try 
to control things, they always get out of hand.

Yesterday I purposely called the docs office for my orders for blood work and 
the 24 hour creatine clearance to be done on Friday so the results would be 
there on Monday and 12 hours into the urine collection (just two hours ago) 
my period started!!  Called their after hours line and spoke to my doctors 
partner (the secretary answering the phone said they would have to state it 
to be an emergency or they couldn't call the docs--I felt awful because is 
this an emergency?).  Of six doctors that could call me back I was so glad it 
was my Doctor's partner who is an IDDM on a pump.  Told me that menstrual 
blood has protein in it and he would advise to scrap the collection, see Don 
on Monday and do the 24 hour in about a week.

First I made a special Phone call, got special orders, had to go to the blood 
lab for the bottle, been busy for 12 hours then this happens.  Oh well.

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