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Re: [IP] diabetes awareness month

kim mckone wrote:
> To the lady who wrote the letter to her towns editor about diabetes
> awareness month.

Just as I debated in my mind whether or not to post this letter on IP in
the first place, I debated whether or not to respond to this response. 
However, here goes.

This letter was from my 13 year old, from his perspective.  Most people,
when they find out that he is diabetic, ask him when he will outgrow it,
tell him about their great aunt/grandmother/parent who has adult onset
diabetes and ask him why doesn't he take a pill like they do, or "Is
your diabetes THAT bad that you need a pump?"  People don't understand. 
It's not their fault. They just are not educated. The intent of his
letter was to inform people that there is a "different" type of diabetes
than most people are used to.

I guess I should have known that a seemingly innocent letter from a kid
who has been diabetic for 8 of his 13 years would offend someone.  

I don't recall anything in the letter about Type 2 getting all the media
attention, or ALL Type 2 diabetics being old.  Read it again,
remembering it was written by a Type 1 13 year old. 

And then, write your own letter to the editor of your local paper.

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