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[IP] diabetes awareness month

To the lady who wrote the letter to her towns editor about diabetes awareness month. Diabetes awareness month is about  all the differant types of diabetes not just type one. And you make the reference to all type 2 diabetics being old get your facts straight there is an alarming amount of youg people who are being diagnosed with type diabetes that also have to use insulin because they are  severely insulin resistant. As for type 2 diabetes getting all the so called media attention you claim it does you are wrong. Type one diabetes gets  plenty of attention from the media  and the celebraties who have it such as nicole johnson,
 halle berry, mary tyler moore. Diabetes forecast devotes a lot of it's space to type 1 diabetes. And if you feel that type 2 gets mote attention maybe because it is for the reason that there are a lot more type 2 diabetics then there are type one. But like I said  at the start of this note diabetes awareness month is about bring attention to all the forms of diabetes type 1, type 2, and then there is gestational diabetes which can become serious by turning into type 2 within a couple of years of having gestational diabetes.
                                     signed a young diabetic