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[IP] A day without life support

everyone has been writing and telling you you are not weird but that you 
should keep a spare meter at work, and I agree, but I don't keep a spare one 
here at my work ...but then I can walk home in 15 minutes when i realize i 
have forgotten it

HOWEVER....now that the day is over, you have probably survived....all you 
can is not moan about "oh darn i SHOULD HAVE had a spare meter," and just 
realize that with your basal rates hopefully damn near close and your 
knowledge of how much to bolus for x amount of carbs, and you have dex tabs 
on hand for when you feel like you are crashing ...Wing it!  You will be 
fine...one day of a little swinging is not gonna kill ya and will have no 
affect on your a1c....

of course, if your basals are WRONG and you have no idea what to boous for X 
carbs and you have hypo unawareness, then none of the above paragaph applies

you are not weird, just pancreatically challenged

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