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[IP] Banting & Best/Pump Name

Well I am waiting final approval of my "D" pump from my insurance company,
and have been reading everyone's post on pump names.  At the same time I
have done some internet research on the discovery of insulin.  It is an
amazing story, that I think every diabetic has to give thanks for.  I am
also in the process of watching a video called "Glory Enough for All".  The
video is a docu-drama on Banting and Best and all there research into
diabetes.  It really is interesting.  It also depicts how diabetics were put
on a starvation diet to survive for a few years at most.  It also shows me
how diabetes the disease once meant an early death sentence.  Insulin is not
a cure but it is better than dying soon after diagnosis.  I have been a
diabetic 35 years, but until recently have not had much interest in this
history lesson.  Doctors Banting and Best sure would find it marvelous that
we are all using devices to continuously infuse their hormone discovery.  It
is for this reason, when I do get my two pumps,  #1 will Banting and #2 will
Best.  The future holds the cure!


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