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Re: [IP] Dreading Quarterly Endo Visit

Andrea - I totally understand.  I usually feel I owe an explanation for the
highs or the lows, but you know what WE DON'T.  If they cannot understand
that "LIFE HAPPENS" and that is what causes these fluctuations then maybe we
need to change endos.  I found that if you explain how you are feeling to
your endo it helps.  Just tell him/her that you dread going each time, then
ask them what they think when they see your numbers across the board.  Let
them answer and hopefully they will respond that they just want to help you
find a way to level those reading off.  I hope this helps.  Linda
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From: Andrea Seitz <email @ redacted>
To: Insulin Pumpers Digest <email @ redacted>
Date: Thursday, November 11, 1999 4:46 PM
Subject: [IP] Dreading Quarterly Endo Visit

>My quarterly endo visit is tomorrow at 9:00 a.m. I am
>absolutely dreading it! Does anyone else feel this
>way? I have been on pump therapy for seven months. My
>A1C has gone from 30-33% over the labs highest normal
>down to 23% four months ago. My target is 20% or less
>over the labs highest normal. Over the past 3 months,
>my pumping skills have increased tremendously and the
>control seems to be following.
>The average of all the levels over the past 30 days is
>at 134. I am doing carb counting, testing an average
>of 6 times per day, and changing my infusion set every
>three to four days. The endo said, my basal rates were
>adjusted properly on my last visit (Thanks for your
>help everyone). But said, with meticulous control, my
>hypoglycemia awareness would return. I don't know, if
>I can obtain any better control.
>Yet, I still seem to underestimate the carbs in a meal
>several times a week. There have been 36 hypos in the
>last month (half below 40). I would guess 15 of them
>wouldn't have happened, if I hadn't been sick 3 weeks
>and eating carbs without any protein.
>My one sin may be not been keeping hand written logs.
>I am using the Accu-Chek Complete, which graphs and
>logs 100 reading in its computer. I maintained manual
>logs for over a year, with detailed times,
>insulin,carbs, and exercise. I became overwhelmed with
>details in other areas of my life and something had to
>So, will my endo let me have it tomorrow? Please don't
>take this as complaining or wining. I feel very
>fortunate to be able to see an endo and have insurance
>coverage, which allows me join the 6-8% of other
>diabetics who are pumping.
>Andrea Seitz
>Diabetic 30 of 33 years
>Living Well With The Pump for 7 Months
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