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[IP] A day without life support

Re: carrying around all of your supplies

My daughter Liz keeps a stash of supplies (and meter) at school, otherwise
she throws everything in a canvas back pack. Since she's 14 and spends a
lot of time running around with me, I keep supplies stocked all the time in
my "purse" which is a black leather black pack (medium sized and stylish)
with 3 separate pockets. The largest pocket holds the blue MM pack filled
with a sil, reservoir, tapes, IV Prep, emergency #'s, syringes, and
humalog. A Precision QID meter, glucagon, and a small bag with
juice/snacks/glucose tabs complete the ensemble. There is still room in
that pocket  as well as in the remaining two pockets for personal items. I
have gotten many compliments on my bag and never realized how "stylish" it
was until we visited NYC where nearly everyone we saw on the streets wore a
back pack of some sort!

Linda V.
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