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[IP] it's your pump


I totally agree with Ricky on this one.  It's YOUR pump, and there's no reason you shouldn't have it immediately.  In fact, as you pointed out, there are some pretty good reasons you should!  I would
insist on having access to the pump before training.

And to go a step further, what's up with that doc??  What does he mean he has had problems with people hooking themselves up?  There is a certain amount of trust that must exist between doctor and
patient when using pump therapy.  Is this just a quirk, or is his attitude distrustful in general?  If my doctor didn't trust me to have the pump in my possession, for fear I might use it before
training, I'd re-evaluate my choice of doctors.

who ordered her green 508 today and is anxiously waiting for it to arrive

> On 10 Nov 99, at 22:28, Erinn C Foley wrote:
> they are
> > sending my new 508 green pump out this week. unfortunately, they are
> > sending it to my doctors, not to me, so it will sit in my doctors office
> > until december when i get training. most of the posts i've seen say that
> > you guys got your pumps delivered straight to you. but, my doctor says he's
> > had problems with people hooking themselves up, so he won't let the pump be
> > delivered to his patients anymore.  has anyone else had this problem?
> > Erinn

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