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[IP] Corrections

Natalie asked:

>  At what point do you correct for a reading? Sara says she 
> corrects for a 160 down to 140 --  

Well actually, I meant to say that IF i WANTED to correct to a 140 while 
running a 160 I could, since the pump gives us that freedom, however before I 
did it, I would take into consideration several factors...

1.  how long ago did i last eat and what was my bolus
2.  how long has my basal rate been at the current rate and when is it 
3.  Am I at a "ready to KILL someone" stress level.

if i just ate 2 hours ago, and bolused at that time, i probably would NOT 
correct a 160 to 140 since i still have that bolus insulin working on me for 
another 3 hours (don't forget unused insulin rule)

Now if i woke up in the middle of the night, and was 160, i might go ahead 
and  give a .2 correction to aim me towards 140, remembering that my basal 
DOUBLES at about 6 am

> at what point do you decide to correct, and how much
>  do you correct to?

There is never just a flat RULE I follow...I aim for 100 - 150.  So, I take 
my bg reading, if it is over 150, I subtract 125 (which is the middle between 
100 and 125).  For example, if my bg is 259, I subtract 125 getting 129.  
Since 1 unit lowers me between 50 and 60 points (depending on a bunch of 
other factors), I divide 129 by 55 which gives me 2.3 units...if I am in that 
nit picky of a mood, I can give that bolus and expect to be damn near 125 in 
a few hours!  If I am in a rush or don't have a calculator, I will normally 
round the 129 up to 130 and divide by 60 = getting 2 units, or if it is a 
weird number divide by 50, which is so easy to calculate...you just take the 
number you want to reduce by, in this case, 130, double the numbers = in this 
case 130 becomes 260 and add a decimal point between the first two numbers, 
so I get 2.60 - this is not entirely accurate, but hell, 10 years ago, I was 
taking whole unit corrections, not this decimal stuff

examples of the divide by 50 rule:
wanna lower 100  / double it = 200 add decimal = 2.00 units
wanna lower 89  / double it = 178 add decimal = 1.80 units
lower 276 / double it = 552 add decimal = 5.5 units

get it?

ALTHOUGH this said....If I am OVER 300, I don't do this...I don't AIM to 
shoot my body down to 125, cuz that is too much of a drop to put on your body 
in 3 hours...the body sense the sudden huge drop in bg and reacts with a HUGE 
dumpage of counter-regulatory hormones that just make your bg go even 
higher...when i am over 300, i try to resist panic and only correct to 200 
within the first 3 hours, then creep it down the rest of the way...though i 
am human...I see 487 on my meter and I wanna take the FULL 7.5 units 
immediately....i must force myself to restrain this urge...

so them iss my rules...MMMVAPW - my mileage may vary and probably will

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