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Today is my first full day using insulin in my pump. I will go to bed having
used less than 60 units! On MDI my usual dose was 70 to 80 units. My control
has been better than before too. I am 48,  6' 1" tall, and weigh 260 pounds
(down from 275 six weeks ago, wish me luck. I'm trying for 200) and to have
this good a control on what for me is a small amount of insulin is amazing.
I even almost had a hypo (70 just before supper). I'm very impressed even
though I'm just a beginner. This is so much better than MDI there's no
comparison. I gained over 30 pounds on MDI over the years and I hope being
able to reduce the insulin will make it easier for me to lose weight. I'm on
a flat basal rate of 1.1 right now while we test to see how to adjust it so
I expect it will be even better as it is fine tuned. All my readings have
been less than 160 except for my usual spike to 240 right after breakfast
(but it came back down faster than normal so I'm even pleased with that).
Now if I can only get my hypo awareness back I will be satisfied. <vbg>

David Dougherty
Adult onset Type 1 (yeah I can't believe it either)
Diagnosed 1991

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