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Re: [IP] protein diet

email @ redacted wrote:

> Maybe I'm reading this wrong, but if your sugars are 88 to 104, and you're
> type 2; how could you be in ketosis?  Am I missing something, I thought type
> 2's didn't do ketosis.  

There is a difference between ketosis and ketoACIDosis. Ketosis can
occur in ANYONE who is not getting enough carbs to stimulate enough
insulin production to prevent the liver from processing fat. That
doesn't mean NO insulin, just a reduced amount. 

So a high-protein/low-carb diet CAN produce ketosis. So can severe
alcoholism and starvation. The BGs are typically not all that high, and
the ketosis, although unpleasant, is not, in itself, life-threatening.
The primary effect of ketosis is weight loss -- obviously, if it results
from starvation and goes on long enough, one WILL eventually die! 

Ketoacidosis is another matter -- that occurs in a Type 1 diabetic who
has no insulin production. The liver processes fat, produces ketones,
AND releases glucose; the BGs go very high, and the body becomes
dehydrated from trying to pee out all that sugar. Then the acid-base
balance of the blood goes out of whack, and you have a life-threatening

> If you lost 10 pounds and are not in DKA, then YIPEE!
>   If DKA is a problem, get off it NOW before you do permanent damage to your
> kidneys (I know, I have).  

The damage you have is not really due to the DKA as much as the high BGs
that you experienced over a long period of time. Some people are
genetically more prone to damage than others; kidney damage is part of
the whole syndrome of diabetic complications due to blood-vessel damage. 

At any rate, I'm glad you're doing your best to control your diabetes --
and wish you best of luck in the future!


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